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    Pit Bull Attacks - Victims of Dangerous Dog Attacks

    Learn about victims of severe pit bull attacks and other dangerous dog breeds, dog bite victim injuries, fatality statistics and breed- specific pit bull laws.
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    Franklin County Dog Shelter & Adoption Center

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    Pit Bull Chat Forum

    Welcome to Pit Bull Chat Forum! We are a diverse group of Pit Bull enthusiasts devoted to the preservation of the American Pit Bull Terrier. We invite all pit bull owners to join our forum and share y...
    Site topics: pit bull / pit bull dogs / pit bulls
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    Bully Max Dog Supplements - The Official Website

    Bully Max: The #1- rated, best- selling muscle builder for pit bulls. Guaranteed to build a bigger, stronger dog in 30 days.
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    Your Complete Website For Pit Bull Information on The Web

    Your one stop source for Pit Bull information. Everything from training, health, to sporting activities. If you're looking for it you'll find it here.
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    Welcome to National Canine Research Council | National Canine Research Council

    Comprehensive, science- based research on: dog bites, visual breed identification & breed- specific legislation. Free tools to achieve safe, humane communities.
    Site topics: pit bull / pit bulls / dog bites
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    Truth About Pit Bull Terriers, Training Help, Pictures, Resources | Pitbulls

    Learn more about the American Pit Bull Terrier, meet other Pit Bull lovers, post pics of your dog, get training help.
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    Tom Garner Kennels - Your #1 Source For The Highest Quality Pit Bulls Available on The Planet Today

    Tom Garner Kennels, utilizing the unrivaled Garner�s Chinaman as our genetic foundation, we created Garner�s Frisco, the most prolific producer in the history of our great breed. Your #1 source fo...
    Site topics: pit bulls / chinaman / pitbull dog
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    Annie Many

    An informative and attractive Blog for animal lovers where you can find pictures from their actual life.
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    Missouri Pit Bull Rescue

    501(c)3 helping pit bulls in Missouri
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    There are millions of “pit bull” dog owners across the United States who live peaceful, every day lives with their family pets. Families like these are the rule, not the exception. We are valued. . . ...
    Site topics: pit bulls / majority / submission
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    Lowell Humane Society

    Site topics: pit bulls / lowell / spays
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    The Birds And The Trees | Nature, Environmental, And Animal News

    Nature, environmental, and animal news (by Caitlin)
    Site topics: pit bulls / ozone layer / animal news
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    Sleeps With Dogs - Blog

    Sleeps with Dogs entertains, educates and advocates for dogs and pets everywhere.
    Site topics: pit bulls / pit bull rescue / rescue
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    American Pit Bull Registry - Pit Bull Registration Made Easy

    American Pit Bull Registry APBR - An International Pit Bull Registry and information resource. The Internets most comprehensive site on PitBulls. Everything PitBull and more.
    Site topics: pit bulls / american pit bull / pit
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    Dog Foster Mom my Experiences as a Foster Home For Homeless Dogs And Cats

    Site topics: pit bulls / fight / ziggy
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    Handsome Dans Rescue – Handsome Dans Rescue

    We help with the placement, care and the overall wellbeing of dogs in local shelters, rescues, and other facilities throughout the state of Rhode Island.
    Site topics: pit bulls / adopt dog / dog rescue
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    Spay & Neuter Kansas City | Snkc

    Spay and Neuter Kansas City assists pet owners in Kansas and Missouri with spaying and neutering, pet vaccinations and more, regardless of financial means.
    Site topics: pit bull / pit bulls / troost
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    Pleasantries & Pit Bulls | Turning Ordinary Days Into an Extraordinary Life

    Turning ordinary days into an extraordinary life
    Site topics: pit bulls / holidays / baking
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    Colorado Veterinary Medical Association

    Find a veterinarian, a lost pet, resources for pet owners and animal events. Also information about the CVMA, contact details, meetings, and member resources.
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    Pit Bull Rescue
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    The Source For All About Pit Bulls

    Pit bull dogs brings you information and news all about pit bulls. Your source for all you want to know about pit bull dogs and how to train them.
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    Love- A- Bull was organized to educate and to advocate on behalf of the American Pit Bull Terrier, the American Staffordshire Terrier, the Staffordshire Terrier, and Bull Terrier (all breeds commonly ...
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    Merit Pit Bull Foundation

    The Merit Pit Bull Foundation rescue, outreach and education geared towards pit bull type dogs.
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