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    Don Diva Magazine

    Don Diva Magazine - Urban Lifestyle Magazine
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    Site topics: jay electronica / 66影视 / bt天堂
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    Wortschmidt, Braun & Heck spazzin
    Site topics: jay electronica / braun / märz
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    Michael Ziobrowski

    Small business web hosting offering additional business services such as: domain name registrations, email accounts, web services, FrontPage help, online community resources and various small business...
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    Hip Hop Music Trends

    Just another The Trends Network site
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    Welcome Thisisjayelectronica.com - Bluehost.com

    Bluehost - Top rated web hosting provider - Free 1 click installs For blogs, shopping carts, and more. Get a free domain name, real NON- outsourced 24/7 support, and superior speed. web hosting provid...
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    Nobody Believed

    Nobody Believed. com the destination for the people who didnt think they were going to make it. For the people who believed in themselves more than the nay sayers. We out here trying to win, Thanks. ....
    Site topics: jay z / nobody / 2 chainz
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    Too Good For Radio | Hip Hop, Indie Rock, And Edm Music News And Album Streams

    Get the latest news, album streams, and free MP3 downloads for Hip Hop, Indie Rock, Dubstep, Electronic, and EDM music!
    Site topics: jay electronica / mashups / flatbush
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    一色色影视, 撸一撸色一色色奶奶, 撸啊撸色一色色奶奶早上依然过来借用卫生间的时候韩锋已经出了门
    Site topics: jay electronica / freestyle / miguel
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    The Allah Team

    The Allah Team and A Team Publishing provide enlightening information and research.
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    Jamal Powell

    Jamal Powell's Portfolio
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    Music For Ears | Just Another Music Blog

    just another music blog
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    Journalicious! | a Sweet Taste of Hollywood!

    A Sweet Taste of Hollywood!
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    Ronzos Word | Your Music News, With a Little Bit of Everything Else Too

    Your music news, with a little bit of everything else too
    Site topics: jay electronica / black hippy / ronzo
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    Perspektifs Blog | Perspektifs The Name, Ive Got a Culture to Maintain

    Perspektifs the name, Ive got a culture to maintain. . .
    Site topics: jay electronica / nas / hip hop
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    Ash Houghton

    (by Ash Houghton)
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    Beautifulstruggles.com | Dedicated to Hip Hop Journalism & Culture

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    Nobody Believes | Things Happen For no Reason, Sometimes !

    Things Happen for no Reason, SomeTimes !
    Site topics: jay electronica / jay / bobby shmurda
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    Creating a world out of black fabric
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    It is a time when even if nets were to guide all consciousness that had been converted to photons and electrons toward coalescing standalone individuals have not yet been converted into data to the. ....
    Site topics: addme / reblog
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    The Noize

    Here at The Noize we blog all genres of music from Hip- Hop to Chillwave. Basically, anything music related we find interesting or we think our followers would enjoy. So check us out and we hope you. ...
    Site topics: big sean / childish gambino / drake
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    Internet Bullies

    Internet Bullies #YOTB
    Site topics: jay electronica / thickness / thick
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    Prelude to a Dream

    California. Legal & Legally. Mostly music and personal rambles. The occasional movie will be thrown in. Easy.
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    a Day in The Life

    Site topics: big sean / olympics / swag
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