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    Vice - Original Reporting And Documentaries on Everything That Matters in The World

    Original reporting and documentaries on everything that matters in the world.
    Site topics: democrats / journalism / climate
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    Politics, Policy, Political News - Politico

    Political news about Congress, the White House, campaigns, lobbyists and issues.
    Site topics: democrats / politico / political news
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    Political News And Analysis About Congress, The President And Federal Government

    Read late breaking political news and political analysis with in- depth coverage of Congress and the President and insightful commentary.
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    Actblue — $1,655,688,155 Raised Online Since 2004

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    Election Central - Political News, Videos, Debates And Polls

    Latest candidate news, videos and polls from the 2016 Presidential Election.
    Site topics: democrats / debates / presidential
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    Occupy Democrats - Moving America Forward

    Moving America FORWARD
    Site topics: democrats / republicans / obama
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    a Project of The Annenberg Public Policy Center

    A Project of The Annenberg Public Policy Center
    Site topics: democrats / romney / mitt romney
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    OpenSecrets. org is the most comprehensive resource for federal campaign contributions, lobbying data and analysis available anywhere. We help you follow the money in Washington, D. C.
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    Change That Matters

    Democrats. org: Change that Matters
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    Guardian Liberty Voice · Breaking News, Original Content Covering U.s. News, Politics, Entertainment, Sports, World News, Technology, Health, Science, Movie And tv Reviews, Opinion, Religion And Blogs

    Breaking news, original content covering U. S. news, politics, entertainment, sports, world news, technology, health, science, movie and TV reviews, opinion, religion and blogs.
    Site topics: democrats / shooting / vegas
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    Track the election with a red/blue map of the US updated daily using the latest state polls.
    Site topics: democrats / sena / gop
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    Politics1 - American Politics, Elections, Candidates & Campaigns

    US Political and Election news from around the nation - by Ron Gunzburger, publisher of the award- winning Politics1. com site
    Site topics: democrats / republicans / govern
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    Washington State Democratic Party

    Provides news and information about local, state, and national candidates, with volunteer opportunities and issue positions.
    Site topics: democrats / washington
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    Progressive Change Campaign Committee

    The Progressive Change Campaign Committee is a million- member grassroots organization building power at the local, state, and federal levels. We advocate for economic populist priorities like expandi...
    Site topics: democrat / democrats / bold
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    Fourth Estate Coffee - Here you can find the best coffee reviews, coffee product reviews, coffee tips and more.
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    The Cook Political Report

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    Realty Today

    Daily news and commentaries on real estate, mortgage loans and interest rates, advice for buying and selling a home, and a look at home and design tips from the experts.
    Site topics: democrats / bubble / mansion
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    Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee

    Dedicated to electing Democrats to the state legislature across America.
    Site topics: democrats / house democrats / senator
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    Dscc: Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee

    Committed to Electing a Democratic Senate
    Site topics: democrat / democrats / menendez
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    Maine Democratic Party

    The Maine Democratic Party (MDP) is dedicated to electing Democrats across the State. From city council and school committee, to the State House and the Blaine House; the MDP supports Democratic candi...
    Site topics: democrats / dem / mdp
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    News Today - Your Daily Latest News

    Your Daily Latest News
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    Texas Democratic Party

    Texas Democrats fight for strong neighborhood schools, higher incomes, and an economy that works for everyone. We believe in a fair shot for all.
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    News, Issues And Insight For New Jersey - nj Spotlight

    Weinberg has specific questions about the extent of President Robert Barchi’s involvement with two companies doing business with the university.
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    Frontpage – The Moderate Voice

    An Internet hub with domestic and international news, analysis, original reporting, and popular features from the left, center, indies, centrists, moderates, and right
    Site topics: democrats / senate / republicans
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    Democrat Search Engine | 4democrat.com

    Democrat search engine for mobile and desktop. Search the type of websites and content that you're looking for safer and more privately.
    Site topics: democrat / democrats / search engine
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