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    That Which Cannot be Saved

    Once in a time long past, a creature was given life in this world. At first, the young creature was very curious and amazed by this new place. Not long, however, the truths of this world reared its. ....
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    Shepard Can't Dance

    Hey im Summer and this is a blog where i worship games yup. Mass Effect - Assassins Creed - Far Cry 3 - Bioshock - Portal - Dead Space - Dishonored - DmC - Fallout - Skyrim - Tomb Raider - TF2 - . . ....
    Site topics: whispers / babe
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    to find enlightenment
    Site topics: cries a lot / cries forever / months
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    im mary and a mess
    Site topics: cries a lot / fooly cooly / gore
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    Just Let me be Crazy

    hi im alexa and i love puns
    Site topics: th april / yup / libra
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    if i say im fine, im really not. .
    Site topics: cries a lot / jean / ooc
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    (♥ ´▿`♥)

    +My Personal Art Blog+ Anything I feel Like Drawing Main Blog , Twitter , deviantArt
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    Ask Sherlock Holmes

    Never, ever, let anyone tell you what you can and cant do. Prove the cynics wrong. Pity them for they have no imagination. They skys the limit. Your sky. Your limit. Now. Lets dance. - Tom. . .
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    Not The Bees

    oboon | dude | artist | a dragon please do not respost my art i track the #oboon tag and commissions are currently closed. dont ask me for requests. icon by my home slice d- dinosaur
    Site topics: art
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    Shut me Up!

    I am a word nerd. I love writing and languages. I also love red. For it is the color of passion >: 3
    Site topics: cries a lot / tw rape / relevant
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    Land Full of Angels

    There is a bitter triumph in crashing when you should be soaring. There is a certain beauty in setting the world on fire and watching from the center of the flames. ☀
    Site topics: cries a lot / youre not alone / xmen
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    I've Moved to Spookybuckyy

    Laura Welcome to my tiny corner of the internet. My life consists of art, writing, horses, and a disgusting amount of fandoms. Enjoy your stay~
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    I like being alone, not being lonely, ya feel me brah
    Site topics: cries a lot / notes reblog
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    This Line Between us

    Kathleen. 27. PhD student and freelance branding consultant. Im an avid reader, writer, and watercolorist, although I do love to do (yearly, it seems like at this point) digital art pieces as well. . ...
    Site topics: food / photo
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    kaleigh, usually known as kiki, also known as ferre, a generally upset, queer actor/activist/artist/ poet/fan/Ravenclaw with a tendency to latch onto anything that catches my interest. proud member of...
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    You Are The Death, You Are The Pinnacle

    suzu. nearly legal. currently les mis. my darlings are joly jehan and combeferre and my ship is e/R. intp. ravenclaw. i can finally edit my theme im so happy.
    Site topics: this is so cute / notes
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    so Watery... And Yet There's a Smack of Ham to it

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    New Blog

    I dont think anyone actually reads these but if you do, hi, you look nice today.
    Site topics: real talk / hour / reblog
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    Can't Let Her go

    Site topics: lirry / zarry / lilo
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    Daggers, Doom & Doubt

    23 || infj || scorpio im trying my best
    Site topics: weaponry / destiny / notes
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    The Lying Lies & Dirty Secrets of

    [SIMS HIATUS bc college sux] Hi! My name is Alyssa, Im 21, and I love The Sims. I do post personal things more often than not, and I try to tag it. If I miss something, bear with me. Anyway, I live. ....
    Site topics: beenawhile / notes sims / nonsims
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    in Your Atmosphere

    Olivia. 18. Houston. So many damn Mass Effect feels, thanks for ruining my life Shenko. Added Mass Effect, Game of Thrones, Legend of Korra, and Pacific Rim
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    You're my Brother, Stiles

    my life revolves around boybands and werewolves and fictional people.
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    a Walk Around my Skull

    Just a place for me to dump my art. Will mostly contain a shitload of stuff Ill never finish. Contains NSFW content Reblog Dump * deviantART * yaoi! Gallery * Fur Affinity * Twitter
    Site topics: cries a lot / haaaaa / obi-wan
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    i Will Never Lose This Url

    Greetings my name is Paola "Baron Dashforth" Bleed and you should really check out my about page for tags and more info about this dork Art in sidebar was done by Monica Ion and background was done by...
    Site topics: cries a lot / months
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