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    Jakub Jedryszek

    Jakub Jedryszek - blog Popularity:
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    Blackhawk | Advanced Jtag Emulators

    Blackhawk Products. Advanced JTAG Emulators, XDS Debug Probes, and Flash Programming for Texas Instruments DSPs and Embedded Processors.
    Site topics: texas instruments / jtag / c2000 Popularity:
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    Kane Computing Ltd: Dsp, Fpga, Wireless/sdr, Data Acquisition/processing, Audio Software And Video Compression/recording

    Kane Computing: DSP, Micro, FPGA, Audio, Video, Wirelesss, Data Acquisition, Military, Broadcast and Security Solutions. Popularity:
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    صفحه اصلی - مرکز پردازشگرهای دیجیتالی ایران

    مرکز پردازشگرهای دیجیتالی ایران (Iran DSP Center) در تابستان سال ۱۳۸۷ با استفاده از توان فنی و علمی مهندسین و متخصصین جوان خود اقدام به انتقال دانش فنی جهت استفاده از پردازشگرهای پر سرعت DSP نموده است... Popularity:
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    Soldersplash Labs - Fun Electronics & Development Boards

    SolderSplash Labs | Unique embedded development boards and products. SplashLight, Network based home automation, iPhone & Android controllable Popularity:
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    Jtag Emulators For Texas Instruments Dsp & Arm - Home

    Blackhawk JTAG Emulators for Texas Instruments DSP, Sitara, DaVinci, TMS320, OMAP, Tiva, Keystone, ARM, Cortex R4
    Site topics: code composer studio / sitara / c5000 Popularity:
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    Powerino - il Controllo si Unisce Alla Potenza

    Powerino - Modulo embedded completo di controllo, attuazione di potenza e strumentazione remota per applicazioni libere o kit completi già pronti Popularity:
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    Jacob Jedryszek

    Jacob Jedryszek is a Software Engineer who started and shipped Azure Mobile app, and helped Microsoft to build and ship the Azure Management Portal. He is also a speaker at conferences around the Worl... Popularity:
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    Free download portal, Human moderated shareware and freeware directory with forum. More than 500GB hosted on our servers. FYXM. net - We have everything! Popularity:
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    Site topics: code composer studio / 64bit / dvip Popularity:
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    Dsp Embedded Design

    блог о встраиваемых системах, об разработке в сфере embedded Popularity: