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    Mindvalley Academy - Ultimate Personal Growth Online University

    World's 1st Online University For Transformational Education. World- Class Courses That Create Remarkable Transformation. Unlock Your Extraordinary Life!
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    Darta - The Home of Darta - Darta

    DARTA - Willkommen, Meditation, Lichtzentrum, Kommunikation auf Lichtebenen, Seminare, Supervisionen, Berufsfindung, Licht in Partnerschaften, Feng Shui im Haus und in der Stadt, Sitz in London
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    is an Online Guide to Interpreting Signs And Symbolic Meanings

    What's your sign is your online guide to symbolic meanings as well as meanings of signs and omens. The site offers free symbolic meanings and tips on how to use symbols for self- discovery
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    News at your finger tips.
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    Chakra Healing - All About The 7 Chakras

    Learn how to open your chakras with master energy therapist Carol Tuttle. Take the free chakra healing test to find out what chakras need healing
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    Orakelkaarten - Online Orakels, I-tjing, Ken Jezelf, Godinnenorakel, ja Maar Kaarten

    Site topics: chakra / engelen / wijsheid Popularity:
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    Buddha Groove: Buddha Statues, Meditation Mala, Singing Bowls & Jewelry

    Awe- Inspiring collection to feed the spirit and inspire the mind. Offering Buddha statues, meditation mala, singing bowls, zafu, yoga jewelry and more.
    Site topics: chakra / buddha statues / zafu Popularity:
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    Designer Accessories Store |

    ZeMis is a designer accessories store that promotes world culture and world travel through organic gifts, luxury and eco- fashion accessories.
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    Eclectic Energies: Chakra Test, i Ching, Mudras, Acupressure, Exercises, Articles

    Articles, practices and tests about Energy (chakras, mudras, acupressure, exercises, I Ching, enneagram)
    Site topics: chakra / chakra test / eclectic Popularity:
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    Sponsor a Child, Yoga, Ayurveda, Ashram, Retreats in India, Ayurveda Yoga Holidays

    Sponsor a child's food and education in India with a donation. Participation in our yoga workshops, meditations, spiritual retreats and other activities also supports these projects.
    Site topics: chakra / teacher training / ayurveda Popularity:
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    Libro Esoterico

    Mas de 60, 000 Libros esotéricos en Español para consultar y Descargar GRATIS! Ordenados por autor y tema. Por eso se ha convertido en La biblioteca esotérica mas Grande del Mundo. Consultalá AHORA!
    Site topics: chakra / cristianismo / budismo Popularity:
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    The Chakra News | Dharma & Spirituality - Hindu, Sikh, Jain, Buddhist Insight, Analysis, Ignored News | Dharmic Faiths & Yoga, Ayurveda News

    Chakra News covers Spirituality and Dharmic Faiths (Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism). Insightful & Analytical Articles as well as Uncovered Events,
    Site topics: chakra / hindus / the india Popularity:
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    Chakra Anatomy - Discover Your Energetic Self

    From basic to advanced chakra knowledge, learn about your subtle energy body, and how you can harness the power of your chakras for self- healing and personal growth Popularity:
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    Freeastrology123 - Horoscopes, Tarot, Live Psychics

    FreeAstrology123 provides free daily, weekly, monthly Horoscopes, Tarot card readings, online psychics, Chinese astrology, Angel card readings and much more
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    Chakra - Stable Core, Bleeding Edge Applications!

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    7 Chakras | Chakra Balancing For Chakra Healing

    Chakra healing through opening 7 chakras eradicates chronic lifestyle diseases like obesity, eye vision problems, sex problems, heart condition and hormonal imbalance to name a few. Popularity:
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    Cristaux - Minéraux - Bijoux - Bougies - Encens - ésotérisme à Marcy Létoile (lyon 69) - Vibrations Cristallines

    Boutique ésotérique proposant des articles de soins, de bien- etre, de décoration et des bijoux essentiellement en minéraux et cristaux. Vente sur internet et sur place à Marcy lÉtoile (Lyon 69) sur R...
    Site topics: chakra / minéraux / cristaux Popularity:
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    Ninjamanager Classic - a Free Browser Based Mmorpg

    A free browser based online multiplayer strategy game set in the shinobi world of the Naruto manga and anime series. A free naruto game for all fans!
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    See related links to what you are looking for.
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    Badass Spiritual Warriors i Spiritual Expansion With Janelle Klander

    If you are thristy for another way to life? A way that's more authentically you? Janelle will guide you through the process of unleashing your inner warrior.
    Site topics: chakra / janelle / podcast Popularity:
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    Dharmaceuticals Buy 100% Pure, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil Blends

    dharmaceuticals creates therapeutic essential oils to increase healing, inspiration, ambience, mood and lifestyle.
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    India's Leading Online New Age, Metaphysical & Esoteric Wholesale Store

    Wholesale Crystal Arrowheads, Reiki sets, Pyramids, Massage wands, Chakra sets, Pendulums, Healing wands and sticks, Healing crystals, Worry Stones, Markaba Stars etc.
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    Please Login

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    The Chakra Book

    Site topics: chakra / dreams Popularity:
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    Modern Day Mystic | Water Structuring Software Peter Schenk

    Modern Day Mystic offers quantum physics based water structuring software and private energetic sessions with the goal to improve your quality of life.
    Site topics: chakra / abundance / clearing Popularity: