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    Pcextreme B.v

    Personal blog of Rob Sonke, mostly about any kind of software development
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    Angularjs — Superheroic Javascript Mvw Framework

    AngularJS is what HTML would have been, had it been designed for building web- apps. , Declarative templates with data- binding, MVW, MVVM, MVC, dependency injection and great, testability story all i...
    Site topics: angularjs / framework / components Popularity:
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    Build Amazing Native Apps And Progressive Web Apps With Ionic Framework And Angular

    Ionic lets developers build beautiful and interactive mobile apps using HTML5 and AngularJS.
    Site topics: angularjs / native / cordova Popularity:
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    Nettavisen - Forsiden

    Nettavisen nyheter følger nyhetsbildet i inn- og utland med fokus på hendelsesnyheter, politikk og viktige begivenheter hele året.
    Site topics: usmc / mote / livsstil Popularity:
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    One Framework. - Angular

    Angular is a development platform for building mobile and desktop web applications
    Site topics: angularjs / angular / javscript Popularity:
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    Ngcordova - Simple Extensions For Common Cordova Plugins - by The Ionic Team - by The Ionic Team

    ngCordova - Simple and powerful AngularJS Services for Cordova and Phonegap
    Site topics: angularjs / ionic / geolocation Popularity:
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    Codeforgeek - Programming Blog For Geeks | Web Development Blog

    Codeforgeek is a programming blog dedicated to providing high- quality development tutorial on Node. js, ExpressJs, AngularJS, Databases and much more. Popularity:
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    Pinegrow Web Editor | Website Builder For Professionals

    Web editor for Mac, Windows and Linux. The quickest way to work with Bootstrap, Foundation, responsive designs or plain HTML. Download free trial.
    Site topics: angularjs / stylesheet / web builder Popularity:
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    Techbrij - Javascript,, Mvc, C#, Html5, Web Development Tutorials

    TechBrij is a web development blog related to asp. net, c#, javascript, HTML5, blogging, SEO, tools, plugins and How To guides.
    Site topics: angularjs / sql server / post Popularity:
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    Dreamfactory | Api Automation

    DreamFactory is a free, open source software package that provides a complete REST API for mobile, web, and IoT applications.
    Site topics: angularjs / baas / xcode Popularity:
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    Home - Mongo Express Angular Node

    MEAN - MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS. based fullstack js framework
    Site topics: angularjs / node.js / mongodb Popularity:
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    Lostechies | se Habla Code

    IT Support services throughout St Helens, Lancashire and Merseyside.
    Site topics: angularjs / chad / cool stuff Popularity:
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    Dev Metal - a Php & Frontend Blog

    A PHP & Frontend Blog
    Site topics: angularjs / frontend / accessability Popularity:
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    ProgrammingFree is a technical blog with quality articles on various programming languages with appropriate source code, screenshots and live demos.
    Site topics: angularjs / dotnet / Popularity:
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    Angularcode - Angularjs Tutorials, Demos, Code Samples

    Simple projects made with angularjs
    Site topics: oracle database / web dev / crud Popularity:
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    Frontend Masters: Learn Javascript, React, Angular And More,..deeply!

    Awesome JavaScript and React JS training - - Master building quality web apps, node. js APIs from leading web development experts.
    Site topics: angularjs / front-end / frontend Popularity:
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    Backand - Build Scalable Serverless Applications With Aws Lambda

    One Platform to Develop and Run Complete Serverless Applications All the tools and infrastructure you need to rapidly build & run enterprise- grade web & mobile apps Get a Free Account orlearn More Us...
    Site topics: angularjs / angular / react Popularity:
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    Andy Shora, Front End Web Developer in London

    Hi, I'm Andy. I try to publish fun stuff about frontend web development as much as I can. Follow me @andyshora
    Site topics: angularjs / performance / tips Popularity:
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    Angularjs Hub

    Site topics: angularjs Popularity:
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    Laurence Gellerts Blog | Re: Software is my Life

    Re: Software is my life so make it a good one.
    Site topics: angularjs / laurence / penalty Popularity:
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    школа онлайн обучения программированию Loftschool — Loftschool

    Школа онлайн образования Loftschool проводит обучения по направлениям: комплексная web разработка, php, angular, javascript, seo, интернет маркетинг и другим. Удобный формат вебинаров, огромное количе...
    Site topics: roof window / this blogthis / loft Popularity:
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    Loftblog — информационный it портал. бесплатные видео уроки

    LoftBlog — это место, где вы сможете забыть о скуке и с головой погрузиться в увлекательный мир современных it- технологий. Мы просто и доступно научим вас
    Site topics: angularjs / c++ / jade Popularity:
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    Next-gen Javascript ui Controls | no Dependencies | Full Angular 2 Support | Typescript Source Code

    Wijmo is a new generation of JavaScript Controls. Touch- first design. Small and focused on performance. Zero dependencies. Flexible API design. First- class AngularJS Support. Built with TypeScript. ...
    Site topics: premium themes / widgets / grid Popularity:
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    Tero Parviainen, Independent Software Developer

    Tero Parviainen
    Site topics: angularjs / talks Popularity:
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    Ng-book: The Complete Book on Angularjs

    AngularJS for the beginner. Learn how to build angular websites easily with this book. AngularJS is a hot framework that makes it incredibly easy to build modern websites.
    Site topics: angularjs / framework / how to be Popularity: